Four Awesome Reasons to Support our End of Year Fundraiser!

Coop is a Safe Place

The Community Roots Coop prioritizes: A learning community explicitly centered on creating support and safety for children of color. Our scholarship fund has a direct impact on the coops' mission to support families from diverse backgrounds. 

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Multi-age Learning

The Community Roots Coop maximizes the benefits of multi-age learning. Each child gains interpersonal knowledge and dynamic social skills as a result of an environment that welcomes whole group learning and mixed-aged pairings. At coop, the next generation learns to embrace differences and work together. 

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Cooperative Literacy

At Coop language arts takes on many forms. Here, you'll see some of our older and younger students, reading together. Behind them, the Coop word wall is an evolving space to record and recognize frequently used words. Writing takes place both naturally as children take initiative to create stories, cards, and so much more, but also as a result of prompts and projects proposed by our experienced educators. Coop kids get a revolutionary balance of literacy options. 

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We're a True Community

Because here, love comes first. At the Coop we value education, parent participation, and a child-led curriculum, but at our core we are a collective grown from love. Your support of your end-of-year fundraiser helps up share that love with children who may not otherwise be able to benefit from the uniquely wonderful experience of being at Community Roots. Contribute to our fundraiser today

Photo by Maggie Williams Photography

Photo by Maggie Williams Photography